Local domain suffix causing WSUS error

I have several Windows computers in my LAN, so I’m using a Windows Server as WSUS server serving Windows Updates to LAN clients. And I just flashed my router’s firmware from Tomato to OpenWRT yesterday, then I found the WSUS service broken.

“80072ee2” shows on Windows Update window, and the Windows Server Update Service remote console unable to connect to the WSUS server neither.

The 80072ee2 means there was a connectivity issue between client and server,

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Movin’ on up, to the Upwork

I’ve been working as a part-time freelancer on Elance for about one year. This year has been a lot of firsts for me — got my first part-time job on that platform, received first payment from there, got cheated by a scam client. Anyway, the experience I’ve got through this year is a lot. A life without dealing with cheater is not a real life. Continue reading Movin’ on up, to the Upwork