MIUI 11 之无线显示

最近把自己的手机系统更新到了 MIUI 11 ,新系统新气象,还是有不少可圈可点的优点。不过对于新的“投屏”功能实在是爱不起来。简而言之,小米用了一个第三方的多功能投屏 App 替代了原本 Android 系统自有的“无线显示”功能,并且删除了系统无线显示功能的入口。新的投屏 App 可谓差强人意,虽然多了许多之前不具备的功能,但是有时候在投屏到电脑时反而会出现比如连接上的问题。

其实系统原本的无线显示(Miracast)功能还是在的,只不过被隐藏了。经过少许摸索,发现可以使用活动启动器 (Activity Launcher) ,并通过如下方式开启系统无线显示功能:

启动“活动启动器” ➡ 点击上方搜索按钮 ➡ 输入“无线显示”。




活动启动器(Activity Launcher) 的 Google Play 地址:

(Workaround) To remove a stubborn package on Debian.

I have a Buffalo LinkStation, which I installed Debian Stretch on it.

Recently, I was trying to remove obsolete packages by using “apt-get autoremove” command after an update. Usually this process will take a couple of minutes. But this time, unfortunately there was a package (to be more specific, an old kernel) which refused to be removed by apt or dpkg. Continue reading (Workaround) To remove a stubborn package on Debian.

一例诡异的 USB 3.0 扩展卡和主板 USB 冲突的故障

主角:一块 2012 年买的主板 Biostar NM70I-847。(Intel NM70 芯片组集成 Celeron 847 CPU)

主板后部 2 组共 4 个 USB 2.0 插口。主板上有 2 组 USB 2.0 插针(F_USB1和2),那么这块主板一共可以支持 8 个 USB 2.0 插口。主板是 ITX 版型,所以只有一个 PCI-E 2.0 x16 插槽。我之前在 PCI-E 槽内安装了一块 USB 3.0 扩展卡,用以提供 USB 3.0 支持。

主板目前被用在 NAS 上,后面插了一个装了 SD 卡的读卡器用来安装 Linux 系统。因为不太喜欢主机后面凸出一段,所以我最近购了 9-pin 转 2 x USB 转接线,准备将读卡器挪到机箱内部。

屁颠屁颠的把转接线插到主板的 USB 插针上,接上读卡器,开机——侦测不到读卡器……我又接上键盘试了下,结果也一样。

因为以前用过该主板的 F_USB 所以我觉得主板上的插针应该没有问题,再三检查了 BIOS 设置后,也确认 USB 并没有被禁用。甚至我把 BIOS 设置都重置过了,还是这样。 Continue reading 一例诡异的 USB 3.0 扩展卡和主板 USB 冲突的故障

Problem: AMD FX 6300 and Asrock 970 Extreme4 cannot run DDR3 1866

Just finished an upgrade to one of my computers, and the upgrading process didn't go flawlessly. That's why I decided to write this post.


This computer which I just upgraded was built in mid 2013 with an Asrock 970 Extreme4 motherboard (because I was want to make use of an old AMD Athlon II X4 620 CPU). Because the price of DDR3 SDRAM was soaring in that time so I only installed two 4GB DDR3 1333 (PC3-10600) modules.

This computer has been used as a KVM virtualization server for a long time and I upgraded the CPU to FX-6300 recently to achieve higher performance. Obviously, the 8GB RAM has become insufficient for this role now. The price of DDR3 memory is very low these days, and for another reason because I’ve got some coupons so I thought it’s time to do an upgrade. I purchased four Kingston Fury DDR3 1866 (PC3-14900) 8GB modules online, and was delivered yesterday. The price was good, cheaper than 1600 (PC3-12800) modules. Continue reading Problem: AMD FX 6300 and Asrock 970 Extreme4 cannot run DDR3 1866

20160123~25 上海 冰冻三尺之极寒

上个周末真的是冻成doge了,三十多年一遇的极寒被俺碰到了snowflake。就连俺呆的市区最低时候都有 −8°C ,真的是从头冻到脚。周末晚上看球的时候真的是标准的“足球狗冻成狗doge
不过家里用了十多年的老空调真给力,这么冷的天照样正常制热 thumbsupContinue reading 20160123~25 上海 冰冻三尺之极寒