(Updated method) Prevent Debian Linux randomly reboot on Biostar NM70I-847

I have a NM70I-847 motherboard, and I installed Debian 9 Stretch on it recently. After installation, the system began to reboot randomly without any warning.

I used to run Debian 7 Wheezy on this motherboard, the RC6 sleep feature of the CPU’s graphics need to be disabled to prevent such issue. It should be very easy to fix just need to add parameter i915.i915_enable_rc6=0to grub boot option.

But the method seems not working (or deprecated) — after applied the fix computer still keep rebooting on its own. Message like the following can be observed from dmesg:

i915: unknown parameter 'i915_enable_rc6' ignored

Yep, that’s why this fix is not working, because this parameter has been ignored by system. Continue reading (Updated method) Prevent Debian Linux randomly reboot on Biostar NM70I-847

Wanna Cry?

Last weekend was definitely not a normal weekend. The flare out of the computer worm virus WannyCry[1] screwed lot of people’s weekend. It’s been quite long since last mass computer virus outbreak which I can remember was the Blast worm virus[2] back in 2003.

The virus takes advantage of the exploit MS17-010[3] in Windows’ SMB server, it use port 445 to get control of an unpatched computer, and then use this computer to infect more computers on the network. This time, the exploit affects almost every PC running Windows.

Especially for the PC still running outdated version like Windows XP which is widely used in my local banks, companies, stores, gov departments …, etc. Microsoft released a patch[4] for these end-of-life OSes on May 12th, which is very unusual. Continue reading Wanna Cry?




第三十七条 在境内进行网络接入的域名应当由境内域名注册服务机构提供服务,并由境内域名注册管理机构运行管理。



us I translated (literally translation) “Section 37” of revised China’s Internet Domain Name Administrative Regulations — “Measures for the Administration of Internet Domain Names of China (Revised draft for comment)”:

Section 37: Domain name which have domestic network access must be provided, operated and managed by domestic domain name register. 
    Domain name which have domestic network access, but not managed by domestic domain name register, is prohibited from using network service provided by domestic Internet service provider.


孜孜不倦的黑客 / Tireless Attacker

doge scream 日了个特大号的狗了! Holy super-sized shit! 刚才查看 fail2ban 日志的时候,被满满300多行日志吓尿 book。基本上从昨天中午开始就有个来自俄罗斯的 IP 一直在孜孜不倦地尝试进行 SSH 登录。通常被 ban 过几次之后攻击者就放弃了,哪会像这个家伙一样死心眼。而且我用的是非默认端口,这货应该是先扫描了端口boom。 I was scared by fail2ban log of my server — more than 300 lines of log showing a same Russia IP address trying to SSH into my server since yesterday noon. Usually attacker will give up after got banned by fail2ban several times, but this guy is tireless. And the port I’m using is not the default SSH port, clearly this piece of shit did a port scan before attack. Continue reading 孜孜不倦的黑客 / Tireless Attacker