File System directory of Chrome browser took a lot of disk space

When I was cleaning up my computer’s disk space, I noticed that the Chrome directory under AppData\Local\Google took almost 10 GB spaces, especially the directory File System, which is using 7.87 GB of disk space. In the File System directory, one largest directory used most of the space named 017. In this directory there are 9 very large files in it, each one is around 900 MB, and all of them were created on last November.

The “File System” directory used 7.87 GB of disk space.

After googling around, I found this article is useful:

Quote: “Chrome (and Chromium) use the folder to store files stored with the help of the File System API which is part of HTML5.”

So, it looks like some web service were using File System API stored these data on the disk. But I can’t remember which website I used could take up almost 8 GB data on my disk.

Only thing I can do now is to delete these files, and monitor the File System directory frequently to see if there is any unusual amount of space used by this directory.

hosts 文件中出现 的问题

准备把一只老机从 Windows 7 升级到 Windows 10。在做准备工作,往hosts里加入一些将来要用的条目时候发现,原本应该没有配置过的文件里出现了一条莫名其妙的记录:域名是,而且IP指向的是本机的内网IP地址。并且即使删除了这条记录,重启后照样会回来。



Uninstall ……

Reboot ……


MIUI 11 之无线显示

最近把自己的手机系统更新到了 MIUI 11 ,新系统新气象,还是有不少可圈可点的优点。不过对于新的“投屏”功能实在是爱不起来。简而言之,小米用了一个第三方的多功能投屏 App 替代了原本 Android 系统自有的“无线显示”功能,并且删除了系统无线显示功能的入口。新的投屏 App 可谓差强人意,虽然多了许多之前不具备的功能,但是有时候在投屏到电脑时反而会出现比如连接上的问题。

其实系统原本的无线显示(Miracast)功能还是在的,只不过被隐藏了。经过少许摸索,发现可以使用活动启动器 (Activity Launcher) ,并通过如下方式开启系统无线显示功能:

启动“活动启动器” ➡ 点击上方搜索按钮 ➡ 输入“无线显示”。




活动启动器(Activity Launcher) 的 Google Play 地址:

RIP Onedrive

今天 Onedrive 似乎、貌似、好像又“翘”了涅。正好用 Word 在线编辑文档编辑到一半,它奶奶个熊

只需 trace 域名 便可知晓。现在到半途就嗝屁了。

   3    10 ms    12 ms     6 ms
4 7 ms 5 ms 6 ms
5 6 ms * 6 ms
6 24 ms 22 ms 21 ms
7 52 ms 53 ms 53 ms
8 * * * Request timed out.
9 * * * Request timed out.
10 * * * Request timed out.
11 * * * Request timed out.
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 * * * Request timed out.
14 * * * Request timed out.

7 月中上旬“翘”了几天,现在又“翘”了。看来距离被彻底的不可描述不远了吧。 ( 狗头保命)

Update: 当日(7/31)晚恢复了

2020 Mar 20
Update: 最近用网页版的时候发现,除了很早以前就“光荣”的 之外, 也“翘”了。直接导致网页版加载无法完成。

WUnderground Free API is closed.

Have been used Weather Underground free API for my personal use for the last couple of years. However, it has been broken since yesterday. Unable to retrieve weather data and only thing I got from the response is “invalidkey”. Then I logged in to my weather underground developer account, there was an error message: “the API key has been disabled manually”.

So, what is wrong? I only use this key to show local weather information in my place, designed to fetch information every 15 minutes from, way below the limits. (Free API can have 500 calls per day, 10 calls per minute.)

Later, I found there is a message appeared on the homepage of WeatherUnderground API says “we will no longer provide free API keys“. Also there is a post on the official community website says “Your subscriptions, and therefore access, will continue to work through 12/31/2018.([settings][page]=4#topic-reply-list)

I also Googled, there were discussions about this since mid-2018. Looks like, they have planned for a long time. However, I searched my inbox, there is nothing sent from weather underground in the last year.

It is time switch to another weather API provider now.